Maryland, USA


Professional Services

Infolead Systems Professional Services offers several solutions ranging from regulatory compliance to custom software projects and simple placement of IT professionals on a short term or long term basis.

Document Management Consulting Services

Since 1988 professionals at Infolead Systems, Inc. has been providing consulting services to our clients in leading document management systems. The services includes but not limited to system study, identification of product, procure and implement the solutions for our clients. Infolead Systems will provide full lifecycle and post-implementation support for all our projects.

Internet Monitoring Services

Infolead Systems, Inc. provides its clients with the state-of-the-art technology in internet activity monitoring. Monitoring includes browser based activities and instant messenger chats. This is a tool that is widely used by the administrators to assist management in monitoring individual employee Internet activity.

WEB Development Services

Infolead Systems Inc. provides professional services in designing web sites, creating application solutions and provide technical assistance in setting up Internet access (DSL, ADSL or T1) to the clients.

Network Management Services

Infolead Systems, Inc. provides server and network administration services to our clients. Services includes maintenance of server based applications, operating systems, anti virus, utility and software patches. We provide directory management, fileserver maintenance and storage optimization. We also provide user account maintenance, rights & password management for applications and operating systems.

Financial Systems and Accounting Services

Information system professionals hand-in-hand with the accounting professionals provides accounting related services to our clients. Infolead Systems, Inc. uses the state of the art software and techniques to perform book-keeping, invoicing, payroll and all related services for businesses which cannot afford a full time financial system professional.

Desktop Maintenance

Infolead Systems, Inc. is committed to maximizing the value of distributed computing investments with services that optimize system performance, utilization, and end-user productivity. We offer a full range of customized support services that can significantly reduce IT operational cost and enhance service to our clients.